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How to chose the right Domain Name

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There's no limit to the number of domain names you can register, so buying your preferred keywords with a range of different domain name extensions (such as .net, .eu, helps you secure your presence on the Internet.

  • Easy domain name search – Searching and registering domain names is quick and convenient with our domain name search bar.
  • Buy domain names quickly – Our streamlined domain name registration process reduces the time you spend filling out forms.
  • Domain name extensions – Choose from over 20 domain name extensions, including .uk, .com, .net, .org,, .eu, .info and many more.
  • Free transfer of domain names – Transfer your, or domain name to Patrick Internet for free, and then renew for just £4.25 per year.
  • Free one year registration – Transfer your .com domain name to us and get a year's free domain name  registration!

Make your domain name memorable

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, but if your domain name is not easily remembered, then you will not benefit from it.

Try to keep your domain name as short as possible, using easy to remeber words. Try to avoid complicated varriants such as using the number 2 instead of the word to. Chose words that are relavent to your business, or tie in with search terms that people would use to find what you offer.

Register varying domain name extensions to protect your brand

Try and get the domain extension that is relative to your location. If your target audience is the UK, then go for .uk or Then think about protecting that domain name from the competition by registering the .com, .net, etc domain names. The last thing you want is for potential customers to land on a competitors website, due to them having the same domain name with a different extention!

Don't pay too much for your domain name

There are still companies out there, selling domain names for close on £100. heard me right!

We are very happy to be able to supply cheap domain names. In fact, when you buy our Unlimited Web Hosting package, we will throw in a free domain name too! The free domain name will remain free of charge until the Unlimited Web Hosting package is kept live. Now that's what you call a cheap domain name!

Why wait... Register your domain name now

Securing the right domain name is just as important as building the actual website! But you don't need a website to have a domain name. You can have the domain name on it's own and still use it for email, using the email forwarding tool in the domain control panel.

So don't delay...! Order your domain name today, and make sure your secure your brand and identity.