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Why Use Social Media

Outsourced Social Media Management

Just like the fax machine of the 80s, and electronic mail of the 2000s, Social media marketing has gone from being a "company choice" to being a "business essential", but it's never too late to get ahead of the competition.

The best method for your own company to take advantage of a social media campaign is to outsource the bulk of the work to us. We know the exact recipe to develop a social media campaign that delivers an authoritative and interesting set of posts, that your clients or customers will relate to at the same time as triggering Google's societal signals. We now have a small team of people that can post on your behalf throughout each day, with plenty of keyword rich content, nicely spaced out during the day.


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Free Social Media Dashboard
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What are the benefits of using social media marketing?

Enhancing your trustworthiness

The number of website visitors compared to the number of sales (or leads) you get is known as the sales conversion ratio, and you're going to see an increase in your site conversion rate. Track your conversion ratio with your embedded Twitter feed, and you'll be able to measure the improvement. People are reassured by seeing a frequently updated Twitter feed on a web site, and we're talking updated within the last few hours, not days! It demonstrates professionalism and shows you as an active authority, and it clearly shows them that there's someone there.

Brand recognition and repeat exposure

Your current social media followers are already comfortable using this medium, so raising your social media profile will enhance your brand recognition and improve retention. It has been said that using traditional advertising methods, a potential client would see your advert around seven times, before taking any action. So raising your social media profile will get you noticed, without being too "in their face".

Getting ahead of the competition

Is social media used by your competitors? It's more than likely they are, but most of them are probably not covering social media in suck a professional way, so this is your opportunity to race ahead. If they have been highly active in the social networks, then you must keep up with their efforts, or you risk losing your audience to your competition and being left behind.

It's highly likely that potential customers are engaging in social media personally, whether you like it or not. When they visit a website they expect to find a social media presence and may pre-judge your business, if there's no sign of social networking engagement, or even worse if they find your social feeds haven’t been updated for weeks or months.

Growing your marketing power

You shouldn’t measure your success by the numb er of followers you have. We will include relevant hashtags that will get your brand into relevant conversations, and reach potential clients, which will grow your followers and increase your marketing power. Initially, all you should be looking for is an increased conversion rate on your website, and hashtagged social media posts to appear in search engine results.

Over time, you will also get a loyal following, who you can advertise to at any given time - at zero added cost! The more followers you have - the more followers join in and get involved. This is the "crowd effect"! People always want to look at what the crowd is interested in. Once you have their attention, they join in too! Speak to us about getting more followers.

Improving your authority

When visitors to your website, see you have a busy social network feed, providing hints, tips, educational material, guides and trivia relating to your business area, they will automatically associate you as an authority. Your business will be seen as having good credibility and displaying specialist knowledge which, in turn, will also drive up your sales conversion rates.

Return on investment

Our service offers a great return on investment. You should be able to track the improvement in website visitors, against the sale ratio, and see it increase as well as seeing more visitors landing on your website via your social media accounts. Search engines are now returning social media items in their search results, and bare in mind that Twitter and Facebook have millions of potential clients, and you will gain access to them for a small monthly investment, by comparison to other traditional marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are putting more value on social signs. No one fully understands the precise algorithm that search engines use, but it definitely contains social signals in the there. You should be actively participating in social media to trigger some of the key indicaters they use. You should also place your Twitter feed on your homepage. Your active Twitter feed text is changing every few hours, which is known to be a possitive trigger for search engines.

Increased website traffic

You don't need to have lots of followers because targeted hashtags should get your brand out there and into conversations that are applicable to your business. This should drive extra traffic to your site, and as your followers list grows, so will the exposure of your brand and your traffic will grow even more. Because search engines are taking more notice of "Social Signals" you could find you're getting more direct organic traffic. Remember...Twitter web feeds, and Facebook Pages, are now appearing in search engine results. As your managed social media campaign grows, you will get more and more visitors.